Corporate License ----------- ANSI Z97.1 - 2015

Corporate License ----------- ANSI Z97.1 - 2015

$ 1,500.00

Corporate License

1.    ASC Z97’s policy is that each document purchased through ASC Z97 either directly or through a supplier is only to be used by the individual purchasing the document, and not for sharing through a corporation or business unless a corporate license is purchased for the document.

2.    We offer participation in our corporate document purchase program. This program is a licensed program for member and non-member corporations of ASC.  The Corporate offering consists of one (1) download per company where upon corporate distribution is the burden of the purchaser.

3.    Citation of Language from ANSI Z97

Regarding citation of ANSI Z97.1 standard within corporate materials, we are always happy to have our information cited. We do request that, when utilizing language from standards, you do not alter the language of the standard being used and you correctly cite ASC as follows:

From ANSI Z97.1-XX, “DOCUMENT NAME”, copyright Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) Z97; 800 SW Jackson St Suite 1500, Topeka, KS 66612 – 1200. A copy of the complete standard may be obtained from


By agreeing to purchase the standard as provided, purchaser is automatically agreeing to the GISC / ASC Z97 Committe License Agreement.  Click here to read the License Agreement.